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Roxies Surfcamp Mentawai

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Roxies right

Roxies is a fun right-hander that works best in W – SW swells. It is fairly consistent and very fun wave to surf, and when it gets bigger it also becomes a hollow barrel. 

A fun and perfectly peeling right. (10 minutes walk)


Thunders is one of the most consistent breaks in the Mentawai’s and is surfable on all tides. Higher tides usually offer racy tube sections over a shallow inside reef shelf breaking close to the island, whilst lower tides offer a forceful shoulder further out the back. In smaller south swells the top section of the reef can turn on offering long hollow barrels.

Generally Thunders is an excellent option in smaller long period swells and can handle crowds due to there being a number of take off spots.

 (20 minutes Boat ride)

Rags Right and Left

Rags Right is a non-stop tube from start to finish. At low tide forget it, unless you choose to surf the outside section, which can occasionally offer some alternative on a northerly wind. At high tide though, and on the right swell, Rag’s Right can offer perhaps some of the thickest, hollowest tubes in south Mentawai. The wave grinds down a section of reef that is famous for two coral heads situated at the kick out point – always in the back of a surfers mind whilst locked inside the tube and looking to negotiate a safe exit.

(15 minutes Boat ride)

Rag’s Left is a long barreling wave that turns on during large south-west swells. If you are lucky enough to catch Rags at 8 ft or bigger, don’t forget to shoot a photo of the lineup, it is an extraordinary sight, one that you are unlikely to see too often. Rags Left is very dependent on swell direction, tide and wind. When everything falls into place, massive barrels start from an outside boil, eventually mellowing further down the line into a large open face that can be ridden for a further 100m or more. We don’t surf here that often as Rags Left works in same conditions as Macaronis, which is a more predictable and user friendly wave.

(15 minutes Boat ride)


A west swell will wrap into the reefs south of Macas and fire up the lefts of Greenbush.

It’s a three-parter, with shallow reefs creating O-shaped barrels where you can stand complete in the pit in some parts. It’s quick and unforgiving, because you have to make it through if you want to get to the channel and dodge getting stuck on the inside with the corals


Macaronis, more commonly referred to as Macas, is a mechanical left-hander that has been described by many as being the most high performance wave in existence. In glassy or off-shore conditions 4 – 6 second barrels are manageable from the take off, while the inside section is a bit like a skaters half-pipe where you can do countless numbers of Rio’s, tail-slides, floaters, airs, and cut-backs.

Macas is such a fun wave to surf even in onshore conditions, and is one of the few reef breaks in the world that continues to break well in all tides. Macas holds from 2 – 8 feet and technically doesn’t get any bigger than this; it just becomes more hollow and round.

(60    minutes Boat ride)

Roxies Surfcamp Mentawai

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